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Milestones in the History of the New Forest Beach Hut Owners Association

Hordle Beach Hut Owners Association formed

First Chairman : Paul Vegoda;
Tony Blakely - Treasurer:
Hugh Whitlock -Legal Matters

Sharon Plumridge ( NFDC ) suggests to Paul Vergoda that the Association should enlarge to take aboard the interests of owners in Calshot, Milford and Barton-on-Sea

The New Forest Beach Hut Owners Association formed with Paul Vergoda as Chairman and Tony Blakely as Treasurer

Alan King elected Chairman and John Freshwater as Secretary and Treasurer ( Membership stood at 230 members )

In September 1998 Alan King died after a short illness. John Freshwater held the office of temporary Chairman until
September 1999, when Victor Bayford volunteered to be the acting Chairman until the 1999 AGM

1999 - 2002
Victor Bayford elected Chairman and John Freshwater re-elected Treasurer

2002 -2006
Andy Clark volunteered to be Chairman with his wife as Secretary. Val Perry volunteered to be Treasurer. Beach Hut representatives elected were David Feltham (Calshot), Cllr. Brian Giles (Milford), Barbara Videl (Hordle Cliff) and Peter Holding (Barton-on-Sea).

Andy Clark, Val Clark, Barbara Videl, Val Perry and Brian Giles stood down. Subsequently, David Feltham was elected as Chairman and Cllr. Brian Giles as Secretary. Other positions were soon filled with the following offering their services. Les Holmes as Treasurer, Pauline Haden as Calshot representative and Carman Senechal as Hordle Cliff representative.

to be continued