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Welcome to the website for the New Forest Beach Hut Owners’ Association

Founded in 1990, the Association aims to represent, support and safeguard the interests of its members who own beach huts at Barton-on-Sea, Calshot, Hordle Cliff or Milford-on-Sea. We hope you will find information of use and interest in these pages, whether you are a general enquirer or looking for information in our members’ only section.

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The Association’s purpose, set out in its constitution, is to advise, represent, and liaise with New Forest District Council and other authorities on behalf of its members across all matters relating to the ownership of beach huts. Membership is by annual subscription and there are currently over 500 huts whose owners are members. The Association is headed up by a committee of 7. Although not a Registered Charity, the Association makes donations to charitable organisations from time to time.

Stop Press

September 2019 Criminal Damage to Barton Huts

NFBHOA has heard from Judith Lacey, Coastal & Civic Building & Facilities Administrator at NFDC that they plan to open the gate at Barton on Wednesday 25 September from 8:30am – 3:30pm for hut owners to make the necessary repairs following the recent vandalism.

NFBHOA is really sorry to hear the sad news of the criminal damage. Judith Lacey also advised that if it helps, an affected hut owner reported the damage to the Police by 101 and emailed us (that is NFDC) to say she was given what she calls a “generic crime reference number: 44190316681”. That may be useful to Members when making an insurance claim.


2019 Photographic Competition.

The Association's Committee is pleased to announce a Photographic Competition, open to all current Association members.

For full details of the competition, please visit the Social Events page on the Members Only section of the website.


New NFBHOA Chair Required

Sadly, The Association’s Chair, Shirley Taylor stepped down on 30 April 2019 at the AGM, having served the Association’s membership with great dedication and success over the last four years.

So, finding a volunteer for the position of Chair is now urgent if the Association is to continue in its present form. The Association’s Constitution requires a committee consisting of Chair, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer, together with representatives from each of the four beaches and other members, co-opted to provide technical support. If you feel able to become Chair of the Association, please don’t hesitate to come forward by advising Jan Wise by email to:


Find this year's edition of 'Seaview' Magazine 2019 on our links page.


To read a copy of a statement by NFDC on Hordle huts please see this web page:


A Reminder about Planning Permission from NFDC

"Owners must not only apply for planning permission for replacement huts, but for any changes (even if like for like) to both decking or steps."

This refers to Section 18 of the Licence. See the full version of this in our 'Members' Only' Area. 




The committee
Photograph of Shirley Taylor

Shirley Taylor
Photograph of Jan Wise

Jan Wise
Hon. Secretary
Photograph of Colin Byford

Colin Byford
Hon. Treasurer
Photograph of Lesley Monaghan

Lesley Monaghan
Barton Representative
Photograph of Pauline Haden

Pauline Haden
Calshot Representative
Photograph of Paul Major

Paul Major
Hordle Representative
Photograph of Colin Holdsworth

Colin Holdsworth
Milford Representative

Safety & Security

In an Emergency

Phone 999 if a crime is in progress, but do not get involved. To report a crime which has already occurred (e.g. vandalism) phone 101. Be ready to give the postcode for the incident. For Barton on Sea BH25 7DU, Calshot SO45 1BR, Hordle Cliff SO41 0UX and Milford SO41 0PY.

Staying safe

NFBHOA has notice boards at all the beaches with information regarding tides (Calshot does in the summer) and general information which you may find useful in an emergency.

Renting Beach Huts

Under the licence issued to owners by New Forest District Council for beach huts on our 4 beaches, no renting of huts is permitted under any circumstances.


Responsible dog owners and their dogs are welcome on our beaches, but it is advisable to keep dogs on long leads. Please clean up after your dog has fouled.