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Welcome to the website for the New Forest Beach Hut Owners’ Association

Founded in 1990, the Association aims to represent, support and safeguard the interests of its members who own beach huts at Barton-on-Sea, Calshot, Hordle Cliff or Milford-on-Sea. We hope you will find information of use and interest in these pages, whether you are a general enquirer or looking for information in our members’ only section.

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The Association’s purpose, set out in its constitution, is to advise, represent, and liaise with New Forest District Council and other authorities on behalf of its members across all matters relating to the ownership of beach huts. Membership is by annual subscription and there are currently over 500 huts whose owners are members. The Association is headed up by a committee of 7. Although not a Registered Charity, the Association makes donations to charitable organisations from time to time.

Stop Press

Annual General Meeting Postponed

The NFBHOA Constitution requires an Annual General Meeting to be held towards the end of April. Accordingly, the Committee have been working to organize this year’s meeting.

However, in the light of the Coronavirus precautions outlined by the Government on 16 March, the Committee has decided to postpone until further notice the Annual General Meeting which we had planned for 28 April 2020.

It is hoped that the AGM can be held in early autumn 2020 but Association members will be advised of a new date when the situation becomes clearer.


New NFBHOA Committee Members Urgently Required

We are still looking for a new Chairperson for the Association, a position which has now been vacant for almost a year. In addition, the post of Barton Rep. is vacant, as Lesley Monaghan resigned during 2019. Colin Holdsworth would prefer not to continue as the Milford Rep. and will not stand for re-election if someone else comes forward. The rest of the Committee are willing to stand again, and their statements of intent will be available at the AGM. We are all volunteers.

If you are interested in being the Chairperson, the Barton Rep. or the Milford Rep. please contact Jan Wise for further details:

Any nominations for these committee positions must be received in writing by the Hon. Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the AGM and accompanied by the names of the Proposer and Seconder. Prospective nominees will need to be members of the Association.


Links with NFDC

We are keeping in contact with the NFDC and will report any updates on this website. We are currently awaiting the 2020-2021 listing of Beach Hut Fees and Charges and the 2020 Seaview publication which this year will only be available online. We will update the pages of this site when this information becomes available.


Delayed Issue of Annual Beach Hut Site Licence Fee Invoices for 2020 - 2021.

On 10 March 2020, your NFBHOA Committee was advised by New Forest District Council that the issuing of the annual Beach Hut Site Licence Fee invoices for 2020 / 2021 will be delayed by 1 month due to changes to internal systems.




Position pending

Position pending

Photograph of Jan Wise

Jan Wise
Hon. Secretary
Photograph of Colin Byford

Colin Byford
Hon. Treasurer
Position pending

Position pending
Barton Representative

Photograph of Pauline Haden

Pauline Haden
Calshot Representative
Photograph of Paul Major

Paul Major
Hordle Representative
Photograph of Colin Holdsworth

Colin Holdsworth
Milford Representative

Safety & Security

In an Emergency

If you see anti-social behaviour or criminal activity in progress, do not intervene, but call 999.

Report any suspicious behaviour you see, or damage to your hut which you believe may have been caused by criminal activity, to the police on 101.

Be ready to give the postcode for the incident. For Barton on Sea BH25 7DU, Calshot SO45 1BR, Hordle Cliff SO41 0UX and Milford SO41 0PY.

Staying safe

Looking around your neighbours’ huts is invaluable. Please report any damage found to your NFBHOA beach rep. (for contact, see: )

or phone NFDC on 02380 285000, email:                                                

Outside normal office hours call NFDC’s emergency service on 023 8028 5250.   In the unlikely event you are unable to contact NFDC on this number, you can call an emergency mobile number: 07771 259098.

NFBHOA has notice boards at all the beaches with information regarding tides (Calshot does in the summer) and general information which you may find useful in an emergency.

Advice for Beach Hut Owners - Autumn and Winter

Autumn / winter is an interesting time at the beach, but there are fewer people about to look out for problems with huts and weather may cause damage too. So, the first step to keep your hut safe and secure is to make sure that it is in good condition and that it is properly locked-up. If repair work is needed, a list of contractors can be found at:

If you are closing your hut for the winter, please be sure to remove any items of value and all gas bottles.

Renting Beach Huts

Under the licence issued to owners by New Forest District Council for beach huts on our 4 beaches, no renting of huts is permitted under any circumstances.


Responsible dog owners and their dogs are welcome on our beaches, but it is advisable to keep dogs on long leads. Please clean up after your dog has fouled.