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Hut Sales

Beach Hut Sales

The Association may provide details of beach hut and/or vacant beach hut plots for sale, situated on the four NFDC beaches on which it has members.

This is a fantastic free service for all Association members, strictly offered on the following basis:

1.                   You must be an Association member at the time of placing of the ad. and through the entire time it remains on the website.

2.                   You may only advertise beach huts or vacant beach hut plots for which you hold the licence, situated on an NFDC beach area. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not advertise any other goods or services (please do not ask).

3.                   The service is managed by volunteers and makes no legal representation or advice regarding the beach hut or plot advertised. The Association has no contractual or agency relationship with the vendor and ads are placed on the website subject to the Legal Disclaimer: The information on the Beach Hut Sales page are for information purposes only. They are not intended to constitute legal or other professional advice and should not be relied on or treated as a substitute for specific advice relevant to particular circumstances. Buyers are strongly advised to review and act on the information on buying a hut to be found under the FAQs tab of this NFBHOA website before committing to a hut purchase.

4.                   Advertisements should be submitted to the relevant Association beach rep. and be limited to approx. 100 words. Your ad may include:

a.       Hut number, address, and post code.

b.       Your contact details – name, email, mobile, etc; or you may request that the beach rep. acts as a “go-between”.

c.       Hut specifications, such as hut size, hut construction and condition, additional features (such as whether a veranda is included), NFDC Licence Fee band, and any interior fixtures & fittings to be included.

d.       Up to 3 appropriate photographs.

5.                   You must take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the ad, failure to so would result in an immediate deletion of the ad.

Advertisements will remain on the web page until the hut is sold but strictly subject to you advising your beach rep. without delay when the sale has been successfully completed.








Hordle Cliff

No. 158 Jolie Brise


A beautiful bespoke handcrafted modern Beach Hut situated in a prime location at Hordle Cliff.

This hut is fully lined with kitchen units, drainage system, solid wooden storage, hangers and hard flooring (custom made 3 years ago). It is fully secure with extra shutters and numerous locks. It also features a large solid wooden decking area with wooden railings. The hut is 2 metres from the water tap and very close to the access stairs.

The Beach Hut has the most beautiful view and is sheltered within the sea defence wall on the beach. Close by are toilet facilities, amenity car parking, and obviously the beach is a few metres away!

Price: £26,750

Please contact by email: or by mobile: 07485 185452



Beach Hut 282 For Sale


Hut No. 282 is sited on the lower level of Hordle Cliff beach.

The hut was built in mid 2014 by a local builder (In the photos it is the blue hut with a black door).

The inside is well painted, and has a kitchen top spanning 3/4 of the width of the hut at the rear. Tiles on back wall above work surface. Under this top is a single kitchen cupboard used for storage of cups plates etc.

It is also possible to store wind shields or similar in the roof space.

The location is generally quiet with views across to the isle Isle of Wight.

PRICE OF HUT:  £4,000

Contact Mobile: 07508255994