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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the huts belonging to Association members?
Huts are on four beaches at Calshot, Barton-on-Sea, Hordle Cliff, and Milford-on-Sea. Information boards maintained by the Association are on each beach.

How do I become a member of the Association?
If you own a hut, download the application form on the membership page or ask for one to be sent by post. Full details are on the form. Annual membership from 1 April each year is currently £5 per hut.

How do I buy or sell a beach hut?
Huts for sale are advertised in local media, local estate agents, on national beach hut websites and by word of mouth. Our local beach representatives and NFDC are also often aware of huts up for sale. However huts are privately owned and sales and purchases are managed by the owner, but a transfer of ownership licence fee is charged by New Forest District Council. In 2019/20 this is £547 for all beaches. Be aware that owning a beach hut may involve some risk. This may be from adverse weather or coastal erosion. NFDC will be able to give details of the history of any hut being considered for purchase, together with information about its beach situation. Please apply directly to the Council. Contact details are below. 

If I buy a hut, will I own the whole property?
You will own the structure and its contents, but the land is leased from the Council, to whom an annual rent is payable.

What other likely costs are there with beach hut ownership?
In addition to the purchase price and transfer fee for new hut owners, there is the annual site licence fee, possible national non-domestic rates and you may wish to insure your hut and its contents. Our Members' Only section has  further information about these matters.

Where can I park?
Car parks are available near to the huts on all four sites. For more detail see the page about each beach. In addition to paying by meter, parking clocks are available from New Forest District Council for use in their car parks.

Can I rent a beach hut?
The huts on New Forest District Council land are for day use only. They can be accessed all year round but cannot be slept in overnight. However their use is determined by the licence which owners have with the Council, and under the terms of this licence, no renting of huts is permitted in any circumstances.

How do I contact NFDC with a question?
For more information regarding beach huts or to report damage to a beach hut please contact New Forest District Council Customer Services on 023 8028 5000 or email